Geeky Toys and Gadgets-2020

Geeky Toys & Gadgets
Snip, Burn, Solder, Shred is packed with fun craft and toy-making projects for geeks on a budget. Inside, you'll find illustrated instructions for 24 quirky playthings. Part I: Kid Stuff contains child-friendly projects like the Lock-N-Latch Treasure Chest and a PVC TeePee; Part II: The Electro-Skiffle Band is devoted to homemade musical instruments; and Part III: The Locomotivated showcases moving toys, like a muzzleloader that shoots marshmallows and a steam-powered milk-carton boat.
Each project costs just $10 or less to make and is suitable for anyone, regardless of experience level. As you build, you'll learn useful sewing and carpentry skills, and the appendix offers a primer on electronics and soldering.
You (and your kids) will have hours of fun making projects like:
  • A simple electric guitar
  • An oversized joy buzzer that (safely) administers a 100-volt jolt
  • Cool, mess-free, screen printed t-shirts
  • Kites made from FedEx envelopes
  • Booming Thunderdrums made from salvaged x-ray film
  • Old school board games like Go, Tafl, and Shut-the-Box

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